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Best Time to Visit Vienna

  • Winter is cold and gray. Snowfalls are quite frequent, but generally not abundant. On average, 53 cm (21 in) of snow fall per year.

  • In summer, there are pleasant periods that lend themselves to outdoor activities, although sometimes there can be rains and thunderstorms.

  • Precipitation amounts to 535 millimeters (21.1 inches) per year: so, it is not abundant. It ranges from 30 mm (1.2 in) in the driest months (January, February) to 60 mm (2.4 in) in the wettest ones (June, July). Here is the average precipitation.
  • Best time to visit: In order to avoid both the winter cold and the summer heat, the best times to visit Vienna are spring and autumn, and in particular, the months of May, June and September

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Vienna-The city of Music!

Vienna-The city of Music!

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Posted on: 16 Sep, 2021
By Emma Burne
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